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Jul 21, 2016

This last weekend my family and I went on a hike not to far away from where we live that is called Kanerraville Falls. We were told that it was an amazing hike. When we started it wasn't anything great. It was a dirt road that went around a mountain that was quite dry however we got to a part where that all changed! listen to todays episode to hear how it ended.

This hike made me think about the importance of getting out into nature again.  Today I share with you 5 reasons why we all need to get out into nature more.

The 5 reasons are:

  1. We move in a natural way, the way we are supposed to move.
  2. We receive the suns rays. 3.
  3. We get to hang out with our loved ones.
  4. We get to see and understand just a little bit more about the eycosystem that we are part of.
  5. Get out of the routine of day to day living.

Listen as I go into further detail about the 5 reasons.

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