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Jul 20, 2021

Life has a way of being very tiring and unsatisfactory, it is usually due to two lifestyles. One, where we go at it too hard and burn out and another where we only go half in causing a lot of wasted time and sedentary living. Both lives are very tiring and result in feeling emotionally sick.

The only way to live a life of satisfaction physically and emotionally is by just doing the best you can everyday. Being content with your best. This episode is the conclusion of a 4 episode series of how we can make our emotional well-being simple.

Don’t get confused with simple and easy. All good things come with discomfort, time, practice and failure. That is what makes this agreement we must make with ourselves so important. We will not be perfect but we can do our best. That will be different with every situation we find ourselves in. All you can ask from yourself is your best, nothing more and nothing less.

This is the agreement that brings it all together. The first agreement That Dr. Ruiz talks about is to be flawless in our words, he then goes on to not taking anything personally and finally not assuming. If we do our best in putting into practice the first 3 agreements our mental well-being will became unbreakable and if we do our best we will be content with our life. We won’t judge ourselves and naturally punish ourselves because of the guilty verdict our internal judge will declare.

Our mental well-being can be made simple, if we live these 4 agreements we will heal trauma, generational trauma, our own trauma. Our words won’t hurt and those thrown at us neither. We will be strong we won’t get knocked down, we will get hit but we will just keep pushing forward content with who we are and what we are accomplishing. This life is waiting for you all you have to do is make a pact to yourself that you will live the 4 agreements to the best of your ability.

With practice, practice and practice they will become second nature and you will be free, you will be well mentally and emotionally.

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