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Jul 18, 2016

Wow! Today I bring you the end of our insulin series!

It is incredible how important insulin is in our overall health! In other words the lifestyle choice to eat and move properly!

All the information that has been given on the effects of high insulin blood levels, high blood glucose levels and cellular resistance to insulin is to help us focus on the importance of being proactive in our choices of what we eat and how we move. The neat part about this is that if our diets consist of properly grown vegetables and properly raised meats with some fruit, nuts and little grains, we don't even have to worry about anything that I have talked about. Our body will do the rest and our blood glucose levels and our blood insulin levels will be exactly where they need to be and our cells will let enter the perfect amount of glucose into the cells.

Today I finich the series talking about:

  • Insulin resistence and thyroid hormone regulation.
  • Insulin resistance and sex hormone regulation.
  • Insulin and the aging process.
  • Insulin and inflammation through glycation.

Throughout the series I also talked about:

  • Insulin and the stress response and all its effects.
  • Insulin and its affects the immune system.
  • Insulin and its affects on the storage of magnesium, which effects muscle relaxation.
  • Insulin causes the retention of sodium.
  • Insulin and its affects on blood lipids and cholesterol.
  • Insulin and cardiovascular disease.
  • Insulin and its affects on the storage of calcium.
  • Insulin and its affects on the Igf's which in turn affects bone growth and osteoprosis.

All this doesn't matter if we don't take control of our lifestyle choices because insulin resistance is not the real causal issue of these things it is merely the effect of a lifestyle that is deficient and toxic. Lets learn and live our lives just a little bit better one episode at a time!

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