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Nov 30, 2015

Insulin is a pretty hot topic with the huge increase in type II diabetes in the last couple decades.  Today I talk about what is the job of insulin.  It is a lot more then just regulating blood sugar levels.  I also talk about the consequences of insulin resistance. Again our body is working in the best possible way under the circumstances that we put it, so important to remember that when listening to this podcast.  Enjoy!!!

I also answer three questions; one about fevers and two about the wellness paradigm and the modern medicine paradigm. Please continue to ask questions and leave comments.

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Ben (wellness farmer)
eight and a half years ago

Yup a lot of the stuff I learned about insulin was acquired following chiropractic college. My resources are books that have been written by other medical professionals that I have come to trust that have dove into the research making it a lot more easier for me. I name James Chestnut D.C. in podcasts, what he has done is he has gone through a lot of the research and brought it into 4 separate books, putting a lot of the scientific studies into one place. That has helped enormously and I am grateful for his work in that. All the research from journals that I use have been put into one place, in these books that I read. I actually took a picture of the books that are on the little table next to my bed to give you an example of what I am reading or re-reading at the moment.
You can see the picture using this. Just copy and paste it into your browser.

eight and a half years ago

In the podcast you mentioned that the information acquired about insulin is something that you learned after chiropractic school. What resources (books, websites, journals, etc.) did you use (and currently use) to stay up to date and on such a dynamic field?