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Dec 14, 2021

As we wind down another year of exaggerated fear mongering we can lift up our hearts because we have so much going for us. Here I want to share just 4.

1. There are many out there that truly want to see you thrive not just in health like I do but in every aspect of life. There are so many people sticking their necks out, why? Why am I willing to stick my neck out? Because my only interest is to see you free, free of pain, free of heartache, free to move and live and be the best possible you.

2. You can set your priorities right now! What are your three top priorities right now? Let me know in the comments even better let me know on Instagram, the only social media platform where I hang out every once in awhile. DM me there @benpagedc.

3. There is always time to change and now is the time to do it. We have to prune what is not serving us well. 

And 4. You are God's greatest creation with the innate ability to heal, build, recuperate and maintain great health just remember that we have to set priorities and be willing to change poor lifestyles to proper lifestyles like:

  • Eating nutrient dense food grown or raised in a proper way with an emphasis on properly raised meats and fats.
  • Getting enough rest
  • Following our natural circadian rhythm
  • Moving outdoors enough, especially our spines
  • Playing in the dirt as often as possible
  • Talking to yourself as you talk to others
  • Surrounding yourself with other people that bring you up and focus on talking about ideas and ways to improve instead of the latest gossip.


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