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Aug 3, 2021

I am reading an excellent book called The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hans-Herman Hoppe. A great book on how private property is at the base of our freedoms. The State does not want private property and the less there is the less freedoms to build the lives we want. As I see freedoms being eroded now pretty much on a daily base this has really hit me hard.

Our agency to choose is so important. I believe it to be the second most important gift we have received from a loving father in heaven the first being our temple, our bodies.

Without the ability to choose we cannot grow and learn, but we must remember that agency comes with it consequences. I believe it to be a right, I also believe it to be a responsibility, and the results of our lives will be made with our agency to choose. Some decisions won’t make a big difference but there are others that will change the course of your lives.

To choose, we need the knowledge to make the best decision for ourselves and our families, this only comes from personal study. We cannot passively learn, we cannot wait for the media or the politician to give us the correct information to be able to make the best choice for ourselves and our families.

As our freedoms continue to erode in all aspects of life, one being what I talk about, our health freedom, it will become more and more difficult to be healthy. To be healthy we cannot just listen to the “expert.” We have to take the time to study and learn. We can't trust the experts or even history because what they say and what has been said is said with an agenda. We have to study things out in our own mind and talk about these things with our families gathered around the table.

We have to stand up and not be afraid to have the tough conversations anymore, the ones that will build us. Freedom is of utmost importance and we are giving it away.

We have to fight for our freedom to choose, our health depends on it.


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