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Jun 8, 2021

We live assuming things about others and life in general, this only causes unnecessary suffering and heartache.

All the sadness and drama you have experienced has its roots in the assumptions you made and the things that you took personally. Dr. Miguel Ruiz asks us to take a moment and think about the truth of that affirmation. Take sometime today, write this down and take time today and really ponder on what Dr. Ruiz said.

Last night I had a little episode of making wrong assumptions. I was downstairs cooking and pretty tired of the moment and everything else that was going on and my daughter comes down with the cat in her arms all happy ready to give him food. I turn around and see her, me, being already irritated I assume she is downstairs with the cat because she doesn’t want to be in the zoom class she is supposed to be participating in. I open up my mouth and make an unnecessary drama out of nothing by saying that she is downstairs because she doesn’t want to be in the class.

What I should have done was ask her what she was doing and she would have answered me with what she answered me later on that night saddened by the unnecessary drama I made.

Imagine what your life would be like when you reach the day where you don’t assume things about your significant other and as time goes on every other person that you meet or know. The way you talk to yourself will change dramatically and your relationships won’t suffer from unnecessary conflicts that are only created because of wrong assumptions.

Just like I made a conscious effort to understand how I assumed my daughter was doing something she shouldn’t be doing and being totally wrong, we all have to start and make a conscious effort. This is tiring at first and will take a lot of effort but as we plant the seed and continue to nurture it, it will become easier and easier to see and feel when we take something personal or assume something that really isn’t or say something that wasn’t worth saying. These things become habit only through repetition, conscious repetition.


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