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Oct 6, 2016

Today I talk about Joy! I listened to a talk a couple days ago where the presenter talked about the principle of joy being key to our spiritual survival. I would go even further and say it is principle to our physical survival and emotional survival as well. We are holistic beings and everything is interrelated. To truly be healthy we must find joy in life.

I talk about finding joy when we are doing things we don't care to do and even finding joy in hard times, times of suffering.

Finding joy is so much more than what the world around us calls happiness. We will never find joy by using the world's formulas for happiness. It can bring about short moments of pleasure but can never bring about long lasting joy.


A person that has inspired me to live more sustainable passed away last week, Bill Mollison the co-founder of permaculture. Before he passed away he asked one thing from each of us, to go out and plant a tree. Lets plant a tree for Bill Mollison a great person that inspired a movement that is changing the world for better!

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