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Apr 21, 2016

Today I talk about another way people make nutrition confusing.  It really is easy!  Eat what is grown in fertile soil or eats grass from a fertile soil!

Our body in general needs to keep a pretty strict pH of around 7.35 and 7.45, which is slightly alkaline or basic.  This is very important, just like our body temperature is strictly regulated; the blood and really the tissues must be kept in this very narrow pH range.  The body will go too great lengths to preserve the proper pH range, including causing disorder in other tissues and systems.

Listen about what acidity actually does and what needs to be done to help our innate intelligence keep acidity under control.

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Ben (wellness farmer)
over six years ago

This episode was very interesting  for me because when I think of pH I always think of soil. I never made the relationship of pH with my body. That shows how ignorant I am with this subject. How  pH in our bodies is measured? Is it in blood tests?

I got this question in an e-mail and thought a lot of you might want to see the answer so I am posting it on the blog.

Yup that is common, so don’t worry about it, most people don’t know about the importance of our pH. It is neat how you said you only really think about pH when you think of soil. We are just like soil. Soil has millions of microbes and bacteria and insects and organic matter that work together to keep a proper pH. We are basically soil. We have trillions of cells working harmoniously together to keep a constant balance in our pH. Just like the soil is an ecosystem our bodies are an ecosystem. And we make up part of the ecosystem that is called earth. From the smallest cell to the largest three we all need to work together to keep not only a proper pH but a level of homeostasis, of health. We can only do this when we work with nature instead of against her. We are on the same team, however it seems like more and more people think we are on the opposite team.

Yes pH is measured by blood and it can also be measured by urine, however the body will do whatever it takes to keep a balanced pH because if it doesn’t we won’t survive for very long, so almost always we will have a properly balanced pH, that does not mean we are healthy though, could be far from it. It is so important to just give our bodies the natural raw ingredients and the body will do the rest. Just eat whole, properly grown and properly raised food, which means that it is either grown or raised on soil that is alive and fertile without any chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. Thanks for the awesome question keep them coming!