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Oct 15, 2015

Listen in today to hear about how the human ecosystem (us) are genetically programmed to continuously strive for health (homeostasis) or in other words we as humans are built to be healthy.

Our physiology (the way our body runs) is not random, it is based on the expression of genes.  Expression of genes is not random, it is based on what stimuli the genes receive.  The stimuli the genes receive is not random, they are based on lifestyle choices.

So whether our genes express health (homeostatic physiology) or not is dependent upon life style.

Wow this is huge!!!!

Our state of physiology, our state of health or illness, is directly dependent upon lifestyle choice.  These choices can be broken down to what we eat, what we think, how we move and what professional we utilize for care and expertise.

It is so important that we understand that our lifestyle choices are directly dependent of our state of health or illness because that puts us in control.  We have the power to be healthy.  Our bodies know what is best, so lets give it what is needs – positive thoughts, positive movements, positive diet and last but not least chiropractic.

He who is of calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition youth and age are equally a burden. – Plato

Ben (Wellness farmer)
eight and a half years ago

So our bodies have around 120 years of life. Our Cells replicate, they copy themselves quite often. We basically rebuild ourselves every month. Just like any copy over time it gets blurrier and blurrier and eventually you can't make out the copy, that is just like our cells. Over time our cells are unable to make a readable copy and they stop replicating and that is when our bodies leave this life. So as humans we begin to slowly get blurrier and blurrier, however this does not need to be a painful or horrible event. We should be able to leave this life of old age without chronic or debilitating sickness. If we live the wellness paradigm we should leave this life of old age and nothing less. The body always goes in the direction of health, of homeostasis, doesn't matter how old you are.
First very sorry about your friend from work, those incidents let us realize the importance of living life to the fullest. Nope there is no guarantee, accidents can happen, We could wake up one morning get into ours cars get hit from behind and never see the following day. However cancer is preventable.
That is no reason to not live life under the wellness paradigm because it really doesn't matter accident or not if we live a life under the wellness paradigm we will be better off. We will be stronger physically, mentally and spiritually to be able to work, play and to overall enjoy live more.

eight and a half years ago

Good episode. so what happens when we get older in age and our body begins to deteriorate? Is seems that our body is only able to try to maintain homeostatic (hopefully using that term correctly) up to a certain age. Understandably lifestyle will help dictate what that age is.
Also, sadly a few weeks ago someone that vanpooled with me to work died of suddenly cancer. This guy was the dictionary term of good health. He was an active cyclist. went to the gym every morning. Never smoked and about 60 years old. He came back from out of the country and noticed a back pain. The doctor decided to open him up and apparently he was full of cancer. The doctor closed him up told him the bad news and he died a week later. This is an extreme case but sometimes when you here stories like this it makes people think that choice in lifestyle doesnt garentee health. What can be said in these instances?