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Nov 14, 2016


Today I bring you an excellent conversation with Dr. John Jaquish. John has dedicated his life to bone health. He has helped many people build strong bones. Movement is a vital point to health and without bone health movement becomes very difficult. We all need strong bones.

In this conversation Dr. Jaquish explains why he got so involved with bone health and all that he has been able to accomplish helping people understand what you need to do and how to do it to build strong bones. A really neat conversation where I learned a lot and am pretty sure that you will also learn a lot.

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Ben (The wellness Farmer)
seven and a half years ago

Yup, that is exactly right, the more force we but on our bones the more bone we will construct. Yup, he talked about a number that we need to reach if we want to build bone that number was 4.2. You need to achieve a force 4.2 times your body weight so your body will rebuild bone. He did state that to get that force one of the things you can do is jump down 15 inches. As we grow older that becomes harder and harder. Just remember that by staying active you are putting weight on your bones and your bones will not lose their mineral content if you are also eating a diet of nutrient dense food. If you want to make bones stronger yes you will have to put more force on them. If you are osteoporotic and need to build bone, for example. If you already have strong bones just make sure you are moving and staying active.

I remember you telling me about the squat with vibration and yes it is the same thing he was talking about on the episode.

Just remember to stay active and you will maintain strong bones, don't become sedentary!

Silvia Page
seven and a half years ago

I don't know if I understood this correctly. He said that the more force we put in the bone will provide great stimulus to bone tissue. He mentioned something like a 4.2 impact. He suggested that we should jump down 15 in to get that impact. I can't do that. It will hurt my knee. He also mentioned something about squats with vibration? Is that what I am doing at the gym?