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Sep 25, 2015

Today is a very special episode for me.  I give a small introduction to permaculture and I give a summery of how my first flock of meat birds went, all the ups and downs.  What makes this episode so special is I get to name and give a special thanks to all those that helped on processing day.  It was an awesome success but would of never happened if it wasn't for all your help.

Special thanks to Garritt, Danny and Michelle, Seth and Daisy, Matt, Nico and Drake, My dad, my mom, Lita, Randy Jr. and his kids and my wonderful wife Ruth

I really liked what Henry Rollins said "there is no such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time, no such thing as down time, all you got is life time; so lets get out there and live our lives just a little better one episode at a time.

Ben (Wellness Farmer)
almost eight years ago

Beyond organic is a term being used by farmers because organic is a term that has been turned upside down. Something organic does mean that it was sprayed with chemicals however it does not mean it is nutritious unfortunately. For example when I say beyond organic I mean chickens that where raised humanely out on pasture. They where raised with the grass under their feet and the sun above them. The majority of their diet was grass and bugs. No chemicals used whatsoever. A lot of the organic farms are just like conventional farms with one huge crop, like carrots all grown together with soil that is practically dead. The soil is fed with an organic chemicals or in other words a chemical that has carbon. It seems organic is a term that people put on their produce to be able to charge more. It really shouldn't be more expensive however like at Pastos Verdes Farm what makes the price more then a conventional chicken was the supplemental feed I gave them. It cost more because it was again organic, soy free and non GMO. You should be buying from a local farm and they are usually small operations where huge amounts are not sold, to be able to support themselves and their family they need to charge more because they can't rely on quantity, they have to rely on quality. No land does not mean you can't grow some of your own food. A balcony is a great way to start and instead of growing out you grow up. You can stack wooden boxes larger to smaller where you can grow up. There are many ways. With low income it really just needs to become a priority. Most important starting with properly grown oils, then meats, then vegetables and then fruits economy permitting.

almost eight years ago

You've mentioned your chickens are 'beyond' organic. Can you explain more what that means in comparison to what just organic is? Also maybe not meant for this episode but why is organic food so much more expensive? What is your recommendation for those with limited income and no land to grow food for themselves on getting good food for their families?

Ben (The Wellness Farmer)
almost eight years ago

Thanks a lot Seth it was awesome having you here to help and yes I sure hope that you will be here on the next processing day to help out.

Seth Page
almost eight years ago

It was an honor to be able to participate in and see the processing process. When opening the stomachs and seeking all the green grass inside you know they were raised properly. They really were beautiful chickens and were delicious. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I'll be there next time.