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Dec 6, 2022

The latest guest on The Wellness Farmer Podcast is Neil Cannon. Someone that took his health into is own hands and used his natural innate abilities to heal himself from eczema.  He went through all the conventional treatments and just didn't find the solution like so many others.

Now from what he learned he is helping many others heal themselves also using what he calls the 4 pillars of Vitality.

As I learn more and more about who we are the more I understand that the only way to heal is through your natural innate ability to heal yourself. You must figure it out. Not alone, there are people out there that can help, but you must figure it out and looking to conventional methods will only take you through a tunnel that the light you see at the end is not the end of the tunnel but a train coming straight at you and is not slowing down.

Neil has gone through it and is now helping others find their own path to self healing.

You heal you, remember that! And every symptom you experience is your body intelligently adapting to your environment.

Enjoy and learn more about Neil HERE.

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