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Oct 18, 2022

Gardening is a way to heal. It is one of many ways we heal. We need to be part of nature. Playing our proper role in nature, not only heals us but it heals and maintains nature.

One thing we must know. If nature is sick we will eventually become sick. If nature is healthy we can be healthy and most likely will become healthy. When you look to nature and build her it gives us a desire to be better and healthier. If you don't believe me, try it. Go out and enjoy nature, even better participate in nature by planting a garden and see what happens.

It is never to late to plant something. Use the time you have and enjoy some time outside with your kids if you have any and plant a garden.

Better said, build soil. We don't grow plants we grow soil and the soil is what grows the plants. The healthier and more alive the soil the better your plants will grow.

I garden for many reasons, not just for the food. It heals us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Big or small it doesn't matter, what matters is working with nature in nature is part of who we are. Find those roots inside you and return to who you are, who we are as a species.


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