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Aug 9, 2022

What is the most important thing above all other things. I believe it to be your health. There is nothing more important than your health. Once you lose your health you are pretty much worthless. No, you actually become a burden to yourself and even worse to others.

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life" - Jerzy Gergorek

If we want to make health our #1 priority we have to make hard choices, but it is worth it because your life will become easier.

For most of us when we finally make that choice and decide we will make our health our #1 priority, we will not know where to start. It was made confusing for a reason, to make it look hard so you will pick the easy life and enrich a few people that want you sick and dependent on their system.

The hard choice makes us as Eric Jorgensen wrote optimistic contrarians. He describes a contrarian as someone who isn't one who always objects - that's a conformist of a different sort. A contrarian reasons independently from the ground up and resists pressure to conform.

We must not conform, we must surround ourselves with people that will not conform. I would be honored to be one of those people. Here are some of the things I am doing to not conform. I hope they help you on your never ending journey called health.

  • I simplify health to its basics
  • I eat in this order and as often as possible meat, fat, organs, eggs, fruit, honey, some vegetables and very little of everything else.
  • I am a barefooter
  • I get out in the sun as much as possible
  • I lift heavy, I stretch long
  • I sleep early and wake up early
  • I build healthy relationships with myself and those I love
  • I treat others as I want to be treated


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