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Feb 22, 2022

Grateful for the opportunity to chat with Dr. Nae as she likes to be called. The increase in emotional pain and suffering has sky-rocketed in the last two years mainly due to terrible government interventions in a health and medical based problem.

It is great to know that studies and now examples from all over the world show that what they did was not the best way to tackle the problem and actually made the situation much worse.

That is what makes todays guests work so important. There is a lot to heal from, and I am not just talking about the last two years and with the proper tools and guidance you can heal you.

That is one very important topic we discuss. You heal you, us as professionals can provide tools and guidance but in the end only you can heal you and it happens from the inside out.

I don't understand your potential, what I do understand though is that you have everything inside you to heal, prosper and live your purpose today, it doesn't even matter the situation you currently find yourself in.

Eco-psychology is one more tool you can use to heal, learn all about it in todays episode.

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