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Jan 11, 2022

Lucas is our guest on this episode and we go deep into the importance of flexibility and strength over all but then dive deeper into how to keep the spine strong and flexible. The spine has been a very important part of who I am for the last 15 years. However I learned new ways to keep my spine healthy talking with Lucas.

This whole conversation starts off with can anyone be flexible and the answer is a big, yes. Do each and everyone of us need to be able to do the splits, no. We need to be flexible and strong enough to be able to live as humans. My personal goal is to achieve front and side splits and as Lucas explained if that is your goal you have to understand at the start that it is a long process of small steps.

Stretching is a lot like strengthening, we have to give our bodies rest days to improve in our flexibility.

The stronger and flexible our spines are the healthier we will be over all. I love how Lucas says "we flex so we won't brake." This is so important with the spine. There is absolutely no reason for you to fear putting your spine in flexion and extension. They are natural movements.

Most of us have a lot of flexion and lack extension. That is why we went just a little bit more deeper on spine extension and how we can improve our flexibility in extension with simple exercises that I am already implementing in my workout routines.

This is just some of the topics we talked about on this episode.

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