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Jan 4, 2022

I believe 2022 is a great time to start or continue to accomplish great things but there is something that doesn't let us move forward, fear.

This year let's take on our fears. I have my subconscious fears and conscious fears and each one of us has them. For most if not all we don't become who we should because of the fear. Progress stops because of fear, health dwindles because of fear.

We have to stomp out unnecessary fear if we are going to progress. The best way to stomp out a conscious fear is by taking it on, walking straight at it.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are still scared of the never ending virus and its variants. March will mark 2 whole years of fear mongering about something that in the whole scheme of things is very benign, where 99.7% survive. You have to face the fear. You have to live like it was 2018. How did you live in 2018? Do that. To do that we have to stop complying with mandates or suggestions or coercions.  They have no merit. Face the fear head on and you will see that the scary shadow of this supposed terrible beast is really just small, little and insignificant.

To take on the fear you have to let go of all of the excuses that the media has thrown at you to fear. You just have to step into the fear. Beat it, I know you can!

I know many of you that are listening have probably beaten this fear down but there are still too many that have not. If you know anyone that still fears this virus share this with them.

Now is the time where we begin the conquer our fears and bring the good out in each other working side by side. As wellness farmers, as men and woman that are tired of the system, that want more freedom, that are looking for natural solutions to health and wellness by learning and improving in their gardening, hunting and homesteading skills.

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Join us as we conquer our fears and bring the better out of each other! Go to and join us!


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