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Dec 21, 2021

Are you on the right bus? I have been contemplating that phrase for the last couple of weeks. I read a book on business and one of the the main concepts to build a good to great business is making sure the right people are on the bus and the wrong ones get off or never get on.

This is also great advice for life. As the last episode of this year. A year of division unfortunately. We have to be the change, even though we are different we can't be divided because of those differences. We all want freedom in the end. Fight for what each and everyone of us wants, freedom to choose.

2022 will be different, at least for those that are getting on this bus. I am looking for the right people to be on the bus.

On this episode you will hear some questions more than once. If you answer yes to any of these questions and you understand that long lasting growth takes patience you are one. Don't hesitate! Get on the bus make 2022 the year where you start for real!

Enjoy this last episode of the year 2021 and make these holidays great by being around those that bring you up, that talk about ideas not gossip. Be around those that you love and cherish. Show that love and cherish those that you love.

I love you guys, thanks so much for listening, thanks so much for sharing. I am grateful for you and who you are and what you can become.

I can't wait to personally talk to each and everyone of you soon as wellness farmers! We are going to change what health is one person at a time.


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