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Nov 16, 2021

Jeffery Rediger is our guest today. What an episode of how we heal as humans. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We believe in the power that created us, that turned 2 cells into an ecosystem of organs that work harmoniously together, but most forget that same power is still in you and me right now creating, building, healing and maintaining.

We heal ourselves, nothing else, and I love how Jeffery talks about what we can do to help our powerful bodies heal us.

You might be thinking, but it must be so complicated and difficult to understand, how can I heal myself. It is simple, not easy but simple. Jeffery says, first, we need to physically heal our diet and our immune systems. Next, we need to mentally heal our stress response and our identities. That is it, focusing on those we will see positive changes.

Not only that we also get into some of the myths of modern medicine like LDL and cholesterol are not the culprit for atherosclerosis. What an episode!

Enjoy and share this far and wide! Lets get the word out!

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