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Sep 28, 2021

If I had to say one thing that is of utter importance at this moment in time, it is to come together and fight for the ability to choose how we will take care of ourselves and those under our care.

There is no reason I should force anything on you, there is no reason why you should force something on me. We cannot force or coarse other people. We absolutely cannot allow others, for no reason, to be forced or coerced by governments. We cannot and we must fight together so this does not happen. We have to come together in spite of what we believe and not allow others to force us to do something.

I will never force anyone to wear a mask when they come to my clinic, but if that person decides to wear a mask I will not force them to take it off either. I always do give my thoughts on the mask and most do take them off afterwards. If you have a business, I am recommending you do the same, let them choose, if they come in without a mask let them be, they are probably doing it because they have studied it out and find for them they don’t help.

The mask is nothing compared to what is happening world wide right now. Now more than ever we have to stand up for the right to chose for everybody. We must leave our comfort zone and speak out. I cannot and will not force something on you. You must not force something on me. We absolutely cannot let governments divide us forcing part of the population to inject themselves with something they do not agree with. This is so important. This can be done in the name of love, we don’t have to bicker, we don’t have to fight, we can must come together and fight for the freedom to choose. Even if you believe 100% in the injection you must not and cannot force someone that does not want it to get it. I believe we can all come together and we can all believe in that statement.

Now let's act in love and make sure the freedom to choose is not lost for anybody. If you have questions ask them, leave your comfort zone knowing that you can and probably will learn something new by asking the question.


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