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Aug 18, 2021

I have been asking you what you would like me to talk about and I got asked how do I keep my spinal movement. What an awesome question! The spine is so important, it is what is protecting our spinal cord, in other words our lives. Organ function and movement are just 2 of the things that is controlled through the nerve impulses that pass through the spinal cord. With out a healthy spine and most importantly healthy joints of the spine those nerve impulses coming and going aren’t as effective.

We are mechanical, of course we are biomechanical, we are alive but we are no different from all mechanical devices. The origin of wear and tear is at the origin of movement. Our joints are what start to wear out because they are the origin of where movement is. Yes we have muscles that cause the movement in the joints but the joint is where movement is. movement is incredibly important to our spinal health and our overall health.

Spinal health all comes down to movement, natural movements at end ranges. Natural meaning movements that are used to do normal activities of daily living.

Our bodies adapt to the movements and positions we place them in. We have to move a lot more. We can’t expect to be healthy by working out an hour a day but live behind a desk for 8 to 10 hours. We have to move more often and at end ranges. Those end ranges will slowly come back, don’t rush them, most of us have lost our end ranges not only in our spines but in most of our joints. Start by just trying to get into the natural resting position completely squatting with both feet planted on the ground.

On today’s episode I talk about how I maintain the health of my spinal joints, I talk about.

  • The stretches I do and when I do them and how to make them habit
  • The movements I include in my routine and how often we should be moving
  • The types of movements I include against weight to strengthen
  • The importance of movements at end range of motion.


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