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Aug 10, 2021

I had an experience this last weekend that really made me think about the word empathy and how we show it to those around us.

As humans I believe we cannot know or feel what another is going through just by being there for them. We all have distinct lives, the way we view life comes from so many different histories, upbringings and experiences that we each see the world in a very distinct way.

To know and be able to understand the feelings of what one is going through the person must have gone through the same experience or something very similar. For example, losing a loved one too suicide. Only someone that has experienced it in their life can know and feel what it is like. A person showing empathy in this situation that has not gone through it themselves can only be 100% present in the moment. That is it, just listen and be there because we just can’t understand what they are going though because we haven’t experienced it. The one that has experienced it does know and not only shows empathy but understands and builds a different bond with that person because of it.

We don’t have to understand, know and feel what others feel to be empathetic because on most occasions we won’t understand, know or feel what the other is going through. What we can do is be present with them and listen without judgement, without trying to make the situation less than it is or giving solutions.

The first step too empathy is to learn to be 100% present when in company with others.

Leave a comment with your thoughts, I hope to learn as much from you as possible.


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