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Feb 16, 2017

On today’s episode I talk about 12 things that we can start to implement in our lives today to help us on our journey to a truly healthy and well life.

These 12 suggestions come from an article that I read by Sonia Ricotti. I really liked what she had to say and I am giving my thoughts on her 12 suggestions to make not only 2017 a better year but improve our lives for years to come.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment, would you add anything how are you with these 12 suggestions in your life?

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Ben (Wellness farmer)
over seven years ago

Thanks Garritt for sharing that video with me.

I really liked the presentation and the way we need to look at mental stress. I never really looked at it that way and it has changed the way I look at stress in a mental aspect.

I know acute stress is actually very important in our health. We will never reach our health potencial if we don't have moments of acute stress, like giving a talk in front of a crowd or taking that final exam or exercising. The proper word is actually eustress. A term Hans Selye coined.

This video will change how I look at emotional stress and I thank you for sending it to me. I also understand that we stress ourselves not just mentally but with many other things that cause havoc on our ecosystem of cells. For example what we eat, what we breath, what we listen to, what we look at, where we live. There are many toxins in the world that stress us and when that stress becomes chronic that is when we see ill effects of the stress response. The stress response is a beautiful thing and it keeps us a live but when we put ourselves in chronic stressful environment we do see many of the modern day metabolic diseases that plague the world.

G Page
over seven years ago

Hey Ben,

I think the list was good. You have talked about stress in the past and it seems that number 11 addresses this. I came across this talk regarding stress and wanted to get your thoughts