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Dec 14, 2015

In part one I talk about the different kinds of fats because there is so much confusion.

There are three types of fats

1. Saturated fats - these are the fats that are primarily found in animals.

There is a big difference in the saturated fats in commercially raised animals and animals that are raised properly.

2. Unsaturated fats

a. Monounsatured fats - A fatty acid chain that contains one double bond.

b. Polyunsaturated fats - A fatty acid chain that contains more than one double bond.

i. These are the omegas 3's and omegas 6's.

3. Trans Fats

Naturally occurring trans fats - good.

Artificial trans fat - bad.

Listen in to hear all about these types of fats and where they can be found in foods.

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I also answered a question about where to find a farm to buy food that is nutritious and raised properly that website is

Ben (Wellness farmer)
eight and a half years ago

Yup you understood perfectly, all natural fats have their role in nutrition. It is when we eat to much of any one of the natural fats that it can cause trouble. All things in moderation and you will be fine. However the trans fats should be avoided at all cost. They are the artificial fats that are never good to eat. The neat thing about wellness is that it is not complicated. If we look back to our pre agricultural, pre industrial ancestors they didn't worry about the amount and they were lean, healthy and strong. If you are trying to lose weight eat like our ancestors ate but just eat a smaller portion, really that is all you have to do. Of course you need to move also, unfortunately many need to find time to exercise because the majority of jobs are sedentary, opposite of our ancestors. So just eat a smaller portion of what our ancestors ate and continue to exercise and make sure you are drinking sufficient water and you will see that the weight will begin to come off.

Silvia Page
eight and a half years ago

If I understood correctly, fats are not bad for you unless they are artificial. What about weight control? How much fat do we need to eat daily to be able to maintain good health and also control weight gain?