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Sep 15, 2016

On today's episode I give some specific foods we can use to replace the 5 foods we should avoid at all cost. If you haven't listened to episode 097, I recommend listening to that episode first because I go into the why we should be avoiding those 5 foods. Find that episode here.

I talk about what we can use instead of processed salt, hydrogenated fats, the artificial trans fat, white flour, processed sugar and dry cereals.

These are just some examples and a great place to start and with your imagination you can take it so much further and find fun and great ways to improve your nutrition. Find ways to give your body the ingredients it needs so it can function properly.

Here is a link to see the video of the machine growing a garden.

These are some of the brands that I talked about in this episode:

Olde Thompson Himalayan pink salt

Redmond's real salt

Costco brand organic coconut oil

Chosen foods 100% pure avocado oil

Wondermill junior deluxe model

Bob's Red Mill gluten free old fashioned rolled oats

Blue bunny yogurt

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