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Jan 18, 2016

On today's episode I bring Dr. Joe Nichols back.  I am going to talk about his concept of totality.  I love bringing in new ways to look at wellness.  Dr. Joe Nichols had a pretty good base, as you will see in his concept of totality.  In part 1 I will talk about one element of his concept of totality and in part two I will finish off with the other two elements of his concept of totality.

One of the vital points to health and well-being is nutrition.  This seems to be the primary concept in his concept of totality.

Want to know why the food you are eating is so low in nutrient content?  Well you are not going to want to miss this episode then.  Remember Dr. Nichols started his concept of totality in the 70's, imagine what it is like today.  The awesome difference we have today is that more people understand and more and more people are looking for answers and ways to eat nutritious food.  Support your local farmer wherever you may be in the world.

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Ben (The wellness farmer)
six and a half years ago

Hey Seth, Thanks a ton for the question.

I will give you a short answer here however to explain it in more detain I will be doing a whole podcast or 2 on your questions. They are very important questions.

First. Yes it is the industrial way of processing the wheat that stripes the wheat of all his nutrients. It doesn’t have to do with how they grind it but how they process it. I don’t recommend even buying organic wheat because the word, organic is an abused word and today does not mean what most think it to mean. If you are going to use wheat I recommend grinding your own wheat and using it as soon as possible. If you can get your hands on heirloom wheat that is what I would purchase first, if not then organic is better then conventional wheat.

Yes I do follow the paleo lifestyle not only in diet but in movement. I do eat some grains though, however it is how I explained above and it is a very small portion of my diet. Don’t eat grains every day that is for sure.

Yup the amount of gluten sensitivity has increased exponentially, it is not just gluten though it is also due to the amount of herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed to keep the poor plant alive that is also causing problems with our gut.

I personally believe if you can get your hands on heirloom wheat and grind it yourself and make sure that it is the smallest portion of your diet you won’t have the problems you see today. Not even close. The big issue is the processed wheat sprayed with tones of chemicals that they turn into “enriched” flour.

You are so right everything that comes from the earth that is grown in a natural environment is good for you, that being vegetables, fruits or animal products period.

six and a half years ago

Is it the process of grinding wheat in general that strips wheat of its nutrients or is it how the industial companies do it that strips wheat of its nutrients? If I grind my own wheat or buy organic flour I'm I still loosing the nutrients? You've mentioned that you align your diet to the paleo philosophy which I believe suggests staying away from wheat and grains in general. Also it seems there has been a huge increase in the amount of people claiming to or in reality are allergic to glutin. What's causing this? I personally find it hard to believe that wheat would be bad for us. I'm sure our ancestors diet didn't have as much wheat in it as ours do today but I also don't think their diet would be void of wheat either. So is it the processed wheat that is the issue and if people with the gluten allergy ate organic whole grain wheat, would it still be dangerous for them? I guess this question goes to food allergies in general. I really don't understand why people have them as I generally believe that all grains, vegetables and fruits are beneficial to mankind. If too complicated to answer here maybe you can do a episode on this topic.