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Mar 31, 2016

The page for the contest is live!!  All you have to do is recommend someone to listen to the podcast and by doing that you can input your e-mail (no I won't spam you) and you will be put in the list where I will randomly draw a winner.  This is for you guys, the listeners.  Thanks so much for all that you do.  Go to the page to get all the rules.

Our ancestors lived lives that where a lot more healthy then modern humans.  What did they do different.  Regarding diet and nutrition we know, regarding movement we also know.  However it is a lot more difficult to understand their thoughts.  Our ancestors have proven to be a great resource for discovering the lifestyle choices that are required to be healthy, to reach homeostasis.  Unfortunately the internal dialogue of our ancestors cannot be directly studied.  What is neat though, is that actions are a result of thoughts and we can study the actions of our ancestors.

In today's episode I give a comparison of society from infancy to senior in the time of our ancestors and society today.  I use a study called The Paleolithic prescription by boyd Eaton, M.D., Marjorie Shostak and Melvin Konner, M.D..  They were able to paint a picture of what a life of our ancestors would be like.  Of course, we need to realize that we can't paint a perfect picture but the difference to today's industrial life is quite different.

I then go on and explain what it is like to live in modern society.  The differences in the two are vast.

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