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Apr 28, 2016

On todays episode I am sharing with you an awesome chat I had with Matt Belair, we talked about the so important internal dialogue.  Matt Helps professionals in sports land that next trick but he also uses that knowledge to help the common person reach there true potencial.

We had an awesome conversation that you won't want to miss and I know you will learn a lot.  Enjoy and lets spread the word about wellness!

Matt's websites, go check his stuff out!

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Ben (wellness farmer)
almost six years ago

Thanks for taking the time and listening Peter and also for the comment. Yes the more positive people we can be associated with the better for sure. I like how they say that you should have 2 people that are ahead of so you can learn from them and then 2 people just a little behind you but with the same drive so you can help them continue to progress. Keep tearing it up!

Peter Wisman
almost six years ago

5 friends concept helpful thank you