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Jun 30, 2016

On today's episode I share with you the conversation that I had with Joel Salatin.  I am doing this because while chatting with my wife she gave me the great idea of sharing it again because we have a lot of new listeners that I am sure have not listened to it.

Joel Salatin is one of my heroes.  His work ethic is through the roof and his passion for what he does is unbeatable.  We talked about food and the importance of getting your food locally and why you need to get it locally among many other things.  I am sure everybody will get something out of this episode, if you are listening to it for the first time or if you are not.

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I have a special request from all the listeners. I feel that writing a book about the philosophy of wellness I talk about will help many people but I need your feedback to know for sure. I have written the first chapter and I want you to read it for free. Click here to get it for free! Let me know what you think and how I can make it a book that will help you and are your loved ones.

Ben (The wellness farmer)
almost eight years ago

First thanks a lot, I am glad you enjoyed the first chapter. Right now I am in the trial phase and so far there has been good feedback. Hopefully I will have the whole book ready soon. I will keep you updated.

Silvia Page
almost eight years ago

I am emailing you about your book. I enjoyed the first chapter and I would like to have the whole book. How do I get it?