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Aug 25, 2016

On today's episode I talk about 5 foods that we should avoid and more important why we should avoid them.

You might be thinking that this is negative talking about things we should avoid however it is also positive because we are talking about avoiding negative factors in the diet.

The 5 foods we should avoid are:

  1. Refined salt
  2. Hydrogenated fats (artificial trans fat)
  3. White flour
  4. White sugar and most importantly high fructose corn syrup
  5. Most dry cereals

By simply avoiding these 5 supposed "foods" we automatically improve our health. These 5 foods are the 5 most negative factors in modern day diets. We can call them "nutrition pollutants" as Dr. Joe Nichols called them.

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Ben Page (wellness farmer)
almost eight years ago

I will be doing a whole episode on this subject so be on the look out for it. I should have made it a two part series because I was always planning on doing a follow up episode on the 5 foods you should be eating.

You are right when is comes to salt get rid of table salt and replace it with natural salts, you can now find natural salts like sea salt and himalayan salt at Wal-Mart. That does not mean I think you should be shopping at Wal-Mart just saying that it is becoming more and more convenient to get better food, which I love!

The second food we need to avoid is trans fat or hydrogenated fats and you want to replace it with good fats that come from natural sources like avocados and properly raised animal flesh. Unfortunately it is more difficult to obtain proper fats. I recommend getting to know a farmer near you and if that is not possible go the organic route.

Third is white flour. I just say stay away from it there is so many problems with wheat. If you can source your own grains that are chemical free and are not a hybrid seed from monsanto I don't see the problem with them. It really isn't so much the seed it is the horrible chemicals they spray throughout the process. If you are going to use wheat ferment the bread, make sourdough.

Forth is processed sugar. I like local natural honey as a replacement. You can find honey almost anywhere and it is full of nutrients our body needs, that does not mean go out and eat as much as you want it needs to be a very small portion of the diet, just like fermented foods.

Fifth is dry cereals, with dry cereals we just need to avoid them, most of them are more toxic then the box they come in. This is the hardest one to get rid of because we have become so accustomed to them in our fast paced lives.

I will be going into more detail in the upcoming podcast hopefully this helps a little.

Thanks for the questions and keep the coming in!

almost eight years ago

Could you provide some concrete examples of alternatives to foods that are commonly consumed that should not be. For example, you suggest sea salt instead of table salt.