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Jul 12, 2022

Mental ruts can be very hard to get out of. I am going to give you how I helped myself out of one.

What I did to help myself get out of a terrible mental rut that was years in the making.

  1. I played in the dirt a lot. I used natures ability to heal as much and as long as possible. Listen to todays episode to hear about the many ways I played in the dirt.
  2. Improved my relationships, primarily with my wife and children. This was also huge and is an ongoing process, a never ending process.
  3. Started to take more action, move forward, one step at a time. Sometimes it was as big as an inch and sometimes it felt like a huge leap but I just made sure I took the step into the unknown.
  4. I am going to add one more, it is make "I can" a very important part of your vocabulary. You can, you can, you can. I can, I can, I can, I did and I know I will say, I did, soon with my business ventures also.


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