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May 10, 2022

Tune in to hear how I reduce unnecessary stress with 6 steps.

To sum it all up.

1: Find something that brings you to the present moment, if it also has to be something that can support yourself and family even better. Get out in nature as much as possible because it will bring you to the present moment. Plant a garden, participate with nature because it will bring you to the present moment. Be present, be human.

2: Stay within your circle of influence and many times that circle will only have you in it. That is fine.

3: Be flawless with your words, be truthful with your self and everybody else.

4: Don't take anything personally.

5: Done assume and don't put high expectations on others just yourself.

6: Just do the best you can every day, it doesn't matter what it is just do your best.

As you can see I take what others have done and tweak it and mold it to who I am. I didn't make any of this stuff up. I am standing on the shoulders of great people that wanted to be their best and have left what helped them and those around them. Take what I say and make it yours. Mold it so it feels yours, when you do them in your way your results will be so much better.

I love how we are so similar but so different at the same time.

Start today because this fortunately takes a lifetime to master, but with each step you will experience less and less unnecessary stress and more and more health and vitality.


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