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Apr 19, 2022

Nature will teach us all we need to know if we just take the time to observe and work with her.

Today while we were driving into the driveway of the new place we are going to live we saw some plants growing in-between the decorative rocks that line the front yard. Not much I can do with the front yard besides keeping it nice and tidy.

I decided to pull the plants. Some have been there for quite a while because they had deep roots maybe even before the construction started, others had just germinated.

This experience in the difference between pulling plants with well established roots and ones that do not is a great lesson in life and I talk all about it the latest episode.

LIsten as I go into more detail about how  nature teaches us to not let those habits we need to change, those lifestyles, those emotional traumas plant deep  well established roots that are almost impossible to pull. Instead pull them out when they germinate so the learning and healing process is as easy and quick as pulling a newly germinated plant.



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