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Apr 5, 2022

The 40 hour storm of traveling with 10 suitcases in over. A tough one but we made it out better and stronger.

I have a goal of staying calm in the storm. I continue to learn how to maintain calmness in stressful situations and this last stressful situation, which I go into in a lot more detain in this episode I thought I had handled pretty well, until someone close to me helped me realize that through their eyes it wasn't seen the same way.

I believe the more calm we can stay in stressful times the better off we will be, better decisions will be made and the healthier we will become.

Moments where we get constructive criticism are so important. I could have stayed hurt and blamed everything and everybody but what good would that do.

What will help is me trying to see how the other saw it and understand her and most importantly learn from this situation and make sure the next time we are in a similar situation I act differently.

Remember that this life is a journey of learning and improving. Never stop learning about who you are and how you can be better, your health will thank you so much for it.

Remember that we don't need to be right, actually always asks yourself, why do I think I am right? And listen to those around you and instead of thinking I know, ask what can I learn from others perspectives.

I continue to learn and hope to be the calm in the storm every time. I hope this inspires you to do the same.


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