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Mar 15, 2022

I released my book Playing in the Dirt almost 2 years ago. That book is the base of all that I am doing, my passion, my gift, my work that I can bring to this world is what is on the pages of that book.

Since I first started thinking about what I wanted to become, the same thought would always come to my mind, I want to help people feel their best. So many years later and I have found the easiest why to do it. Be human. That is it, be human. Playing in the Dirt is one of those conversations that we all need to have filled with stories and experiences that hopefully entertain as we learn and grow.

My family is in the process of starting a new chapter in our lives. This starts with finishing a chapter, which is very time consuming but even though we are beyond busy preparing to close a chapter in our lives and begin a new one soon. I still take some time and walk barefoot outside enjoying being human.

I want to leave you with the same challenge. This week, it doesn't matter how busy you are make sure you take time and walk barefoot outside everyday feeling the earth beneath your feet and the sun above you, in other words make sure you are just being human every single day this week and when the week is up let me know how it went. Let me know on instagram, tag me @benpagedc and let me know how you felt!

If you haven't gotten a copy of my book Playing in the Dirt, now would be a huge help to me if you got one for yourself and as a gift for someone you know would enjoy a personal conversation about life and healing with nature.

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