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Mar 8, 2022

Most people don't think about what shoes are doing to their feet. Most don't even look for comfort. They are more concerned with style then they are comfort and even less about the health of their feet.

I have talked a lot about our feet and the effects of grounding because they are one of the parts of our body that we don't think about much. Most actually are causing harm to their feet every single day and over time this effects our overall health.

Our feet are a lot more important than we think. We have to train our feet just like we train the rest of our body and mind. Today's guest has been dedicating her life to this for over 3 years now and shares how we can better treat our feet without shoes and with shoes.

We talk about exercises that we can all do in the comfort of our homes and what is important to look for in shoes to allow our feet reach their potential.

If you have ever suffered from foot problems today is going to be of great value and those that haven't, now is the time to step it up and really treat your feet how they should be treated.

There are some great articles on Anya's website, here I share a couple that will help you get started:

Barefoot Shoes For Beginners List

How Do I Pick My First Pair of Barefoot Shoes

How Do You Transition To Barefoot Shoes

5 Simple Foot Exercises

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