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Nov 30, 2021

Permaculture, what is it? Koreen brings her expertise about permaculture on the latest episode.

There are many problems in the world today, the list is long but the answer to the majority of these problems can be solved using permaculture principles. Permaculture gives us the tools that will allow us to fix a broken system and change for the better.

My big push is healing, how can we heal as a people. We have never been so sick in our history! How can we change course and heal? Permaculture gives us tools to heal, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Don't miss this episode where Koreen talks about how permaculture has helped her and how she is now helping others using the tools from her permaculture tool box.

We can sum it all up using Koreen's take on the 3 tenets of permaculture:

  1. Care for the earth
  2. Care for the people
  3. Care for the future

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