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Oct 12, 2021

These last couple of weeks the garden and nature has retaught me some important lessons that will help us be our best healthiest self, on this episode I want to share them with you.

They are:

Enjoy the season of life you are currently in because it will come to an end. What season of life are you in? Let me know on instagram @benpagedc.

To better enjoy each season, be humble, and there is not need to expect to much from others, yes we need to push ourselves to be our best but don’t set ourselves up for failure when we expect to much of others.

Move every morning outside barefoot to really take advantage of the time you have to enjoy each season.

When we weed the garden, make sure we take the weed at its root, the same works for our negative reactions to our emotions. To change habits we have to grab it by the roots, many times this means healing past traumas. This is not easy but the work is worth it.

And finally, everything that we want in life won’t come easy, just like a garden bed ready to plant took work to prepare behind the scenes, all we want in life takes beautiful consistent work that most will not understand and not see. Don’t conform, you have so much more to give!

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