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Sep 18, 2020

I am stoked to have Alec Zeck as my guest on the podcast. 2020 has been a chaotic year due to a fake pandemic that has been forced on the inhabitants of the world with fear and ridicule or straight out censorship when one does not follow the crowd. 


Alec comes on the show to share his perspective of modern medicine and the situation we see ourselves in today. Just an awesome show! Thanks Alec for coming on the show. 


Alec Zeck is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he received a degree in Systems Engineering. He advocates for medical freedom, promotes free and independent thought, unity through spirituality, and natural health. He writes about free will, the Law of One, living a healthy life outside of western medicine, balancing mind/body/spirit, childhood trauma healing, and identifying and mitigating the effects of oppressive corporate and government systems.


Alex and his siblings grew up in a very chaotic and abusive household where he was physically, emotionally and verbally abused. He had very little self-worth, so he learned to externalize in order to feel. Being in a military environment with a rigorous academic schedule, gave him the critical thinking skills, discipline, structure and time management skills that he needed, but he hadn’t yet healed his trauma and learned to find peace within.


After graduating, multiple traumatic events transpired that forced him to turn inward and heal his childhood trauma, and by chance, he discovered the Law of One. All of this happening in such a short timeframe led him down a rabbit hole of questioning and relearning everything he had been taught to accept, particularly government, health, medicine, politics, free will and the nature of reality, to name a few. Through his writing he encouraged others to think beyond what is fed to them.


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