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Sep 25, 2020

Different emotions have different frequencies that radiate from us. Those frequencies not only effect us but also effect those around us. If you have a whole community full of fear or a nation or what we see today with the COVID-19 fiasco a whole world radiating a common frequency like fear it becomes very difficult...

Sep 18, 2020

I am stoked to have Alec Zeck as my guest on the podcast. 2020 has been a chaotic year due to a fake pandemic that has been forced on the inhabitants of the world with fear and ridicule or straight out censorship when one does not follow the crowd. 


Alec comes on the show to share his perspective of modern medicine...

Aug 21, 2020

I am back with a conversation with Pia Maffei about how to correctly fuel our bodies. It is so much more than eating. We  get into the importance of providing the proper raw materials our bodies need to thrive and most importantly where to get them.

We also chat about how eating is a lifestyle, not a diet and how...

Aug 7, 2020

This is probably one of my most important episodes that I have done. I say this because it is where I will be able to help you the most. 


This episode is a conversation between you and me. Let’s make this a conversation where we learn and grow with each other. 


If you haven’t gotten a copy of my new book Playing...

Jul 30, 2020

I didn’t want to talk about it. I really don’t care much about it and I don’t care to much about what is popular at the moment. I try to focus on how we can improve our lives through lifestyles but the fear people are spreading about this virus has gotten to be to much. 

today I share with you how I believe we...